TRIGA® Max Towers

TRIGA® Max Towers

Innovative solution for deploying branded towers and banner stand in minutes

Triga® Max Towers are an easy-to-use system that quickly and conveniently sets up a professional and eye-catching banner stand and presentations of your brand, products, or services.

The Triga® Max Towers are a great solution for retailers, events, exhibitions, trade shows, and even at home, as they are easy to set up and require minimal storage space. With the towers, you can showcase your brand, products, or services in the most attractive manner, which will surely draw attention and win the hearts of your customers.

These towers are also ideal for outdoor applications, as they are able to resist weather elements and last longer than other display solutions without compromising on quality.


  • Unit flat packs
  • Tool-less assembly and dis-assembly
  • Comes with a wheel bag
  • Flat or convex units possible
  • LCD screen and tablet enclosure compatible
  • Standard configuration or custom sizing available
  • Modular assembly, add modules to extend your display stand


Tri Tower

  • 1.2m(w) x 2.0m(h)
  • 1.0m(w) x 2.0m(h)
  • 1.2m(w) x 2.5m(h)
  • 1.0m(w) x 2.5m(h)
  • 1.2m(w) x 3.0m(h)
  • 1.0m(w) x 3.0m(h)

Square Tower

  • 1.0m(w) x 1.0m(d) x 2.0m(h)
  • 1.2m(w) x 1.2m(d) x 2.0m(h)
  • 1.4m(w) x 1.4m(d) x 2.0m(h)
  • 1.0m(w) x 1.0m(d) x 2.5m(h)
  • 1.2m(w) x 1.2m(d) x 2.5m(h)
  • 1.4m(w) x 1.4m(d) x 2.5m(h)
  • 1.0m(w) x 1.0m(d) x 3.0m(h)
  • 1.2m(w) x 1.2m(d) x 3.0m(h)
  • 1.4m(w) x 1.4m(d) x 3.0m(h)
  • 1.0m(w) x 1.0m(d) x 4.0m(h)
  • 1.2m(w) x 1.2m(d) x 4.0m(h)
  • 1.4m(w) x 1.4m(d) x 4.0m(h)

Rectangular Tower

  • 2.0m(w) x 0.4m(d) x 2.5m(h)
  • 3.0m(w) x 0.4m(d) x 2.5m(h)
  • 4.0m(w) x 0.4m(d) x 2.5m(h)

Triga Max Towers

Banner Stand
Mix and match componentry and create diverse structures with different sizes, angles or heights in a matter of minutes.
Local manufacturing means parts are readily available and you won’t be left stranded if you need additional components.
You don’t need to be a technical genius to assemble TRIGA® DISPLAYS. Assembly is quick, easy and saves time.
Lighting options for front and backlit, cabling systems and different size carry bags.
The unique tensioning of TRIGA® results in smooth and seamless graphics with no unsightly creasing and unnecessary joins that impact on your design.
Your TRIGA® DISPLAY can grow with your business and be used in a variety of applications. Just add on components, get creative and explore our almost limitless design options.
Ideal for busy professionals on the go! For example, a 9m long wall that stands 2.4m tall weighs less than 30kg, reducing transport costs and making it easy to move around.
A TRIGA® DISPLAY is more than just the system. We offer a full service, from layout and design, digital printing and activation.
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