TRIGA® MAX is the original TRIGA® launched over a decade ago and still a showstopper in the industry.

The secret is in the “self-tensioning” TRIGA box which allows you to simply press a button and apply seamless tension to the fabric surface of your display.

Use TRIGA® MAX’s self-supporting structure to create ultra sturdy structures from towers, counters, totems and walls to complete exhibition stands. TRIGA® MAX can be freestanding, fixed to a wall or used as a shell-mount to dress up boring shell scheme stands. The max height of a TRIGA® MAX structure is 5m up to any length.

Unique TRIGA® tensioning device

A typical TRIGA® MAX display will consist of a number of feet, uprights, crossbars, graphic rails and tensioners. The components all simply interlock (depending on the configuration) to assemble the structure on which fabric graphics are tensioned using the unique TRIGA® tensioning device.

What is TRIGA®?

TRIGA® is a fabric tensioning display system that always delivers a professional finish.

TRIGA®’s patented tensioning devices ensure a wrinkle-free finish. The tool-less, modular frame structure allows for a quick and easy setup, and the friendly, professional support team, behind every TRIGA® product allow you peace-of-mind with all your current and future marketing campaigns.

TRIGA® Max Walls
Versatile Graphic Backdrop

The Triga® Max portable wall is extremely versatile. It can be used interchangeably as a backdrop for interviews, a presentation wall, a complementary branding surface for in store promotions or it can quite as easily be used as an office divider. The easy-to-setup aluminium structure is modular which means you can extend your wall as long as you want with additional components. If you own a 3 or 4 module system you can change the shape of the wall into a box, zig-zag, L shape, U Shape or Pylon. There is no equivalent to this remarkable system.

wall display

TRIGA® Max U Booth
Exhibitions & promotions on the go

Tailoring your exhibition booths to your brand identity can be done practically and cost effectively using the Triga® Max exhibition booth system. You no longer need to rely on generic looking shell scheme structures supplied to you by exhibition organisers. The Triga® Max system is highly portable, breaking down into components that fit into a wheelie bag. With no tools needed to erect the system, travelling roadshows and exhibitions become a dream, allowing you to maximise your marketing campaign regardless of where you are exhibiting.

Exhibition Stands

TRIGA® Max Shellmount
Transform Your Shellscheme Booth

A tight exhibition budget does not mean you have to be subjected to package deals that make you look like the rest of the crowd. the FSD shellmount system allows you to completely transform your shellscheme booth with wall to wall branding where none of the generic shell system is visible. There are so few components and a lightweight fabric print which makes travelling with the system a pleasure. The FSD shellmount is compatible with most generic shellscheme systems. Setup takes less than 30 mins for a 3 x 3 U shaped booth.

shell scheme

TRIGA® Max Wallmount
Maximise your wall space art

Transform almost any available wall space into fabric billboards of any length, with height determined only by the available space.

Any restaurant, retail store or hotel owner can now mount Triga Wall Mounts to client-facing walls, load graphics, and quickly change them out without any tools or special equiptment. Many owners are billing key suppliers for this valuable in store advertising space, to help them launch a new product or service. Graphics can be as high as 5m and any length to cover an entire wall, or sections of it. Ideal for interior displays in retail and commercial environments. Wall Mounts can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces. Prints are quick and easy to change with no tools and only basic training required. High quality finish and strong aesthetic appeal.

TRIGA® Max Counters
Flat Pack Branded Counter

These counters are ideal for roadshows, exhibitions and eventing. The aluminium system assembles and dismantles without the need for tools. The promo counters completely dismantle and fit into a wheelie bag. Fabric skins and counter tops can be fully branded. The fabric prints are also interchangeable. Which means once you own a counter you can completely change the look and feel by merely purchasing a new skin. Systems are modular meaning you can create any type of counter, from a product plinth up to a fully kitted bar counter with split shelving.

Exhibition Display Counters
Mix and match componentry and create diverse structures with different sizes, angles or heights in a matter of minutes.
Local manufacturing means parts are readily available and you won’t be left stranded if you need additional components.
You don’t need to be a technical genius to assemble TRIGA® SYSTEMS. Assembly is quick, easy and saves time.
Lighting options for front and backlit, shelving, cabling systems, magnetic attachments, multimedia screens.
TRIGA® SYTEMS just look great! The unique tensioning of TRIGA® results in smooth and seamless graphics with no unsightly creasing unnecessary joins that impact on your design.
Your TRIGA® SYTEM can grow with your business and can be used in a variety of applications. Just add on components and a few accessories, get creative and explore our almost limitless design options.
Ideal for busy professionals on the go! For example, a 9m long wall that stands 2.4m tall weighs less than 30kg, reducing transport costs and making it easy to move around.
TRIGA® is more than just the system. We offer a full service, from layout and design, printing and activation.
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