The Dynamic Textile Tensioning Display Solution

Life-long versatility and durability with no compromise on creativity.
Mix and match componentry and create diverse structures with different sizes, angles or heights in a matter of minutes.
Local manufacturing means parts are readily available and you won’t be left stranded if you need additional components.
You don’t need to be a technical genius to assemble TRIGA® SYSTEMS. Assembly is quick, easy and saves time.
Lighting options for front and backlit, shelving, cabling systems, magnetic attachments, multimedia screens.
TRIGA® SYTEMS just look great! The unique tensioning of TRIGA® results in smooth and seamless graphics with no unsightly creasing unnecessary joins that impact on your design.
Your TRIGA® SYTEM can grow with your business and can be used in a variety of applications. Just add on components and a few accessories, get creative and explore our almost limitless design options.
Ideal for busy professionals on the go! For example, a 9m long wall that stands 2.4m tall weighs less than 30kg, reducing transport costs and making it easy to move around.
TRIGA® is more than just the system. We offer a full service, from layout and design, printing and activation.

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Life-long versatility and durability with no compromise on creativity.

Our newest, exciting addition to the TRIGA® family.

TRIGA® Go is an affordable, ultra lightweight solution with an integrated graphic rail and tensioner that reduces the system componentry to only three main parts.


TRIGA® MAX is the original TRIGA®

Introduced over a decade ago and still a showstopper in the industry. The secret is in the “self-tensioning” TRIGA box which allows you to simply press a button and apply seamless tension to the fabric surface of your display.

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